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Dispatch More Loads And

Manage Your Fleet With 0 Downtime

Running a small to medium sized trucking company?
Allow your current staff to work faster and with ease from the office, home and on the road.
Manage your trucking business, not an Excel sheet

We come from the industry so we understand the industry. We have developed every aspect of DynaTrail Dispatch to make your job better, faster and easier.

1 Click Driver Notifications

With a single click of the mouse you can fire off a text message to your driver notifying them of all the pertinent details about the loads they are dispatched. No more wasted time on the phone giving out addresses, appointments and po numbers.

Daily Work Log

With our innovative daily work log you can see at a glance how your day is setup for loads. Know if they are dispatched or not using the automatic color coding. Never miss another load again due to badly designed dispatch boards.

Dispatch From Anywhere

DynaTrail is built for mobile. Work from the office on your desktop, from home on your laptop or even on your phone or tablet. Always have the most current load information at your finger tips.

Online Document Storage

That's right we handle that too. Simply upload your load confirmations, customs docs and proof of deliveries into DynaTrail and we will store them for you. This makes providing POD's and invoice reprints simple and fast. No more pulling originals to scan and send again.

Billing Takes Seconds

Because you have already entered all the loads information billing takes two clicks. That's right just two clicks. And yes that includes sending the invoice to the client. We can save hours a day in your billing department allowing them to bill more loads a day.

Easy Driver Settlements

Never has driver settlements been so easy. Choose between paying a driver manually, by percentage or by mileage. Verifying work takes seconds. Make your driver settlements faster and more accurate than ever before.

Tracing Made Simple

Our load tracing board has been designed to help you find your loads fast. When you are on the phone with a customer you need to have information at your finger tips. Using multiple search criteria and search as you type we find your information fast allowing you to move on to the next call quicker.

Drivers Always Up To Date

With our drivers mobile app for Android and iOS, drivers will always have the most up to date information about their loads. As well they can mark loads picked up and delivered saving your dispatchers valuable time.

Multi-Currency Support

Do you bill in both USD and CDN for your loads? Dynatrail handles it all. Additionally we handle automatic or manual currency conversation on all of your drivers expenses and reimbursements making driver settlement even faster.

Why did we build this?

We built DynaTrail Dispatch out of a frustration of the lack of modern dispatch solutions for small to medium sized trucking companies. We have over 15 years experience in the transportation industry, having held positions from customer service to operations manager. We intimately understand every aspect that an employee will be tasked with in their day and aim to make their job both easier and faster than ever before.

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But How Much Does It Cost?

We help save hours a day for your staff allowing more loads to be booked without adding additional staffing. This can help make you more money at the end of the day.

Our software pays for itself in productivity each and every month.

How Many Trucks?

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